Dr. Carlos B. Jorge

Family Medicine located in Charlotte, NC

About Carlos Jorge

Dr. Jorge has been in medical practice since 1999 and is currently a managing partner at Ballantyne Medical Associates in Charlotte, NC. This private, independent family medicine group is dedicated to a personalized and comprehensive approach to patient care and prevention. Dr. Jorge is fellowship trained in Cholesterol/Cardiovascular prevention and is currently completing a fellowship in anti-aging and functional medicine with the Metabolic Medicine Institute/American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M).  

Dr. Jorge completed his pre-med program at the University of Virginia and then went on to graduate with honors from the National University Pedro Henriquez Urena in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. After a successful internship at St. Mary Nazareth Hospital in Chicago, he completed his family medicine residency and chief resident year at Northwestern University Affiliated St. Joseph Hospital.

Dr. Jorge is certified through (ACT) Aesthetic Consulting & Training to administer Botox Cosmetic injections to help both his male and female patients maintain a more youthful appearance.  

Dr. Jorge is certified by Massachusetts based Cynosure in the use of Sculpture, ICON, PicoSure, Pelleve and Pellefirm laser and light-based cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Jorge is the former Medical Director of Presbyterian Novant Heart and Wellness and Corporate Medicine located in Charlotte, North Carolina. He was also the Co-Chair of the Presbyterian Novant Heart and Wellness Committee in charge of integrating primary care physicians and specialists with a comprehensive and advanced approach to cardiovascular wellness and prevention.  

Dr. Jorge is dual board certified in family practice and clinical lipidology.  In addition, he is an active member of various groups and boards including the National Lipid Association, American Heart Association, American Medical Association, American Academy of Family Practice, North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians. He is a previous clinical advisor to the Cleveland Heart Lab at the Cleveland Clinic.