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Dr. Kenneth R. Bauer

Chiropractor located in Charlotte, NC

About Kenneth Bauer

Dr. Kenneth R. Bauer brings his chiropractic and manual therapy expertise to Ballantyne Medical Associates in Charlotte, North Carolina. He offers a full range of chiropractic services delivered with a dedication to promoting each patient's optimal health and well-being. Using a whole-person approach, he works with the patient, assessing each involved body system and considering lifestyle influences, to find the true underlying cause of their health concerns. He then develops comprehensive interventions that optimize each individual's normal function and vitality.

Dr. Ken Bauer attended North Carolina State University. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Anatomy. He then went on to chiropractic school at Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas. Upon receiving his doctorate degree from Parker in 1995, he moved back to Charlotte and opened two Chiropractic clinics and started two medical supply companies that he operated for 15 years, before joining Ballantyne Medical Associates, PLLC. Dr. Bauer has advanced training in exercise physiology and rehabilitation with an emphasis on sports-related injuries.

We are especially grateful that our patients with chronic pain who are being treated with pharmacotherapy have unrestricted access, at extremely reasonable cost, to multiple manual therapy modalities performed by Dr. Ken Bauer.

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  • "This was the best visit to a Chiropractor that I have had in over 10 years, Dr. Bauer is more knowledgable then most of the Primary Care Doctors I have been seeing..."

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