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Of all the people in the United States that have at least one tattoo, about 25% of them say they regret getting it. If you’re having second thoughts, consider tattoo removal at Ballantyne Medical Associates in Charlotte, North Carolina. The doctors use leading edge technology that can eliminate even hard-to-remove tattoos in fewer treatments from anywhere on the body. Contact the office to schedule a consultation, so a doctor can evaluate your tattoo, and tell you about the removal procedure.

Tattoo Removal Q & A

What makes tattoos so difficult to remove?

Tattoo removal is different for each unique tattoo due to the variables that influence the procedure. For starters, the size of the tattoo and the amount of ink used make a big difference in treatment time, but they’re not the only considerations.

The number of different colors and the type of colors used also affect treatment. Some ink colors like green and blue, are harder to remove, and tattoos with multiples colors may require more treatment sessions. Ink that was professionally applied is easier to remove because the ink penetrates to uniform levels. On the flip side, when ink penetrates to uneven depths, removal often requires extra sessions.

How are tattoos removed?

Using a laser device to remove a tattoo is the only way to do the job without harming the skin and potentially causing a scar. With advanced short-pulse lasers using precise wavelengths, tattoo ink particles selectively absorb laser energy, without affecting the surrounding skin.

As laser energy is absorbed, the ink particles shatter into tiny pieces. Over a few days to weeks, the body’s immune system removes all the pieces of shattered ink. After your skin has time to heal and the ink has been flushed out, you can come back for the next treatment. Tattoos require multiple treatments because multiple layers of ink can’t be safely treated in one session.

What should you expect before and after treatment?

Before treatment, your doctor at Ballantyne Medical Associates will review your medical history to be sure you don’t have any health conditions that may make it dangerous to have your tattoo removed. You’ll also learn what to expect during the procedure, so you’ll be well prepared.

After treatment, your skin may be red for a few days, and some patients experience mild swelling or blistering. It’s important to take care of the area, so your doctor will give you instructions to follow. However, you won’t have side effects that interfere with getting back to your daily life when treatment is finished.

The experienced professionals at Ballantyne Medical Associates know how to target different colors and layers of ink so that your tattoo can be removed in the fewest treatments possible. Don’t hesitate to contact the office so a doctor can examine your tattoo and determine a plan to get rid of your tattoo.