Clinical Trial Opportunities

Ballantyne Medical Associates

Family Medicine & Laser Aesthetics located in Charlotte, NC

The doctors at Ballantyne Medical Associates in Charlotte, North Carolina are currently offering patient participation in several clinical trials. The practice will compensate patients for their office visit, and patients usually feel good about making a positive contribution to the advancement of medical knowledge. If you’re interested in participating in any of our current clinical trials, call the Research Team at 980-579-9706 to schedule an appointment.

Clinical Trial Opportunities

Clinical trials are an excellent way to obtain access to medications that are not yet available to the general public and only available in a tightly controlled FDA regulated environment.

Additionally, unknown to many patients, are clinical trials that are designed around medications that have already been FDA approved but are now either looking for approval for additional indications or confirmation of superiority over other commercially available pharmacotherapeutic agents.

Additionally, our clinical trials have benefits such as:

  • No cost office visits - No co-pays, No deductibles.
  • No charge for trial medications, diagnostic tests or lab tests that are part of the trial design.
  • Lastly, patients often have an overall sense of improved well-being since they are contributing to the advancement of medical knowledge while at the same being compensated for their time for each office visit they attend.

We are CURRENTLY offering patient participation in the following clinical trials:

• Type 2 Diabetes: This trial is for patients currently using Metformin as their sole diabetes medication. If qualifying, you may receive either Rybelsus or a standard of care diabetes medication through the trial.

• Influenza: This trial is for patients who are currently experiencing influenza symptoms, but have not yet been treated.

• Asthma ( Multiple Trials ): This trial is for patients currently using an ICS/LABA regimen which may qualify you for a new inhaler through our trial free of cost.

• COVID – 19: If you are experiencing COVID-19 or Flu like symptoms, you may be eligible to take a new at home test in office free of cost and be compensated for your time.

• Adolescent Migraine: For patients under 18 who are diagnosed with episodic migraines. If your child qualifies they could be eligible to receive rimegepant free of cost.


• Gout: If you are a patient currently struggling with gout and having an elevated uric acid level you may be eligble for our compensated gout trial which could potentially provide you with medication free of cost.


  • Opioid Use Disorder (OUD): For patients currently receiving the Sublocade injection for their OUD, you may be eligible to participate in a study that assesses the efficacy of the injection through the completion of questionnaires. 
  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED): For patients currently suffering from erectile dysfunction, you may be eligible to participate in a study that provides a new medication to treat ED.